Loan Rates Savings Account Certificate Rates

Effective as of: 5/09/19(Subject to Change Without Notice)
APR = Annual Percentage Rate APY = Annual Percentage Yield
Loan Rates
100% Share Secured1.5%unlimited84 months
50% Share Secured3.0%$10,00048 months
Certificate Secured3% above cert. rate
*Depends on your credit score
Line of Credit8.5% to 9.5%$7,000*36-48 months*
Signature Loan7.0% to 9.0%$10,00036-60 months*
Visa Credit Card9.9%$8,000revolving
Minimum monthly payment is 3% of balance
Home Equity Loan - Fixed3.99%$75,00060 months
3.99%$75,000120 months
Home Equity Line of Credit5.5% variable$75,000180 months
The APR is based on the 11th District Cost of Funds Index and can change semi-annually on the first day of March and September. To determine the rate, we add margin to the value of the index and round up to the next .25%
Auto Loans
Used Auto Loans3.49%60 months
3.99%*72 months
*Only used vehicles less than 5 years old
New Auto and Motorcycle Loans3.00%1-36 months
3.50%37-60 months
4.25%61-84 months
Current Special Rates
Loan Special4.5%$300036 months
New/Used Auto Loan Special2.25%Up to 72 mo/used, 84 mo/new
*Must have credit score >725. Minimum loan amount $10000. Payment must be deducted from Credit Union account. NO INTERNAL REFINACING.
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